Community Resources Series Part 3

The job market is tough for those who are actively looking for a good paying job. The market is saturated with new graduates, people who were laid off, and a lot of people who are fed up with the low wages that they were getting on their current and/or former job. Here are resources from the Department of Labor that will enable you to find job training programs and other programs in your area or are available online. The goal is to learn some new skills that will allow for you to further develop your skill set and ultimately find more career opportunities. Some of the programs are free while others will charge a fee to participate. The best part is that most of these programs should be available in most states if not all.

Employers are looking for individuals who invest into themselves and looking to distinguish themselves from the herd of other applicants. A great area to work on prior to your transition into a new job would be to improve any areas that can be perceived as a weakness. This could be a great selling point in the interview. I know as an interviewer on my job that I frequently ask what are some areas where you can improve. This will give you the opportunity to say where you used to consider this a weak area until you took this training program. Now, I feel like this area is a strength instead of a weakness. What interviewer would not want to hear this? So pick out a few of the areas where you feel like it hurts your overall rating as an employee. This can range from people skills, computer skills, your attendance (if you are always late), and countless other things. You may have had former employers tell you what were some areas of opportunities. Now is the time to improve upon them.

The attached document from Career One Stop contains links for these websites and more. There is a link to the Department of Education that provides resources on education paths to take in your desired career field. I suggest going onto the Department of Labor’s website to view the other resources they offer. Get a look at the job outlook for any job that you have an interest in. This is a great way to avoid selecting a job that robots will replace in a few years. There are several career resources available to explore.


My Goal is to share resources that you can use. Whether it’s to find a job, learn skills to successfully interview for a job, find training programs, find affordable childcare, food banks, and countless other things, I want to be a blessing to the community. Please help me to share this with the community. Please contact me to request information on other topics at Follow Preparation With Purpose on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter. More posts are coming soon. #deficitdysfunction Rethinking Everything

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