Is Robinhood A Place For New Investors?

Have you ever wondered how people like Warren Buffet and the countless other world renown investors got their start in investing? I can tell you what they had to do to get started. They found a brokerage to invest their money.

Robinhood offers commission free trades.

I got my start with Sharebuilders formerly owned by Capital One Bank many moons ago. They offered low trade fees which enticed me to pick them as my broker at the time. Today, there has been a shift where more brokers are offering free trades. Robinhood is one of those brokerages that offers free trades which means eliminating the fees associated with trading stocks.

Why choose Robinhood? I chose Robinhood because of the free trading, fast deposits that allow for me to trade instantly (while the market is open), and I can buy fractional shares of any stock that is offered on their platform. They say that you can start trading for as little as $1. I haven’t tried that, but I have purchased stocks with as little as $5. I mentioned that you can buy fractional shares so I believe that it is possible to buy stocks with as little as $1. That’s just not something that interests me.

Research your stock’s past and recent performance

Several people suggest Robinhood for beginner investors. I agree with this sentiment. Robinhood provides resources for you to learn how to invest. The processes are pretty simple. You can set up an account within 5 to 10 minutes based on completion your identification verification and your bank transfer to fund your Robinhood account. It is a seamless process that you can complete from your smart phone.

Every tradable stock is not available on their platform, but they do offer a very good selection of stocks. You will find most of the most popular stocks that are available for trade. There are several industries that you can review and select from to ensure you are diversifying your portfolio including some crypto currencies. There are recent articles about your stocks available and you can set up alerts to track your stocks’ performance.

My opinion of Robinhood is one of satisfaction. I like the assortment of stocks available to choose from. I love the fact that I can purchase fractional shares of expensive stocks so I can have some exposure or limit the amount of my risk exposure to others with this method. I love there are no trade fees. And I love the quickness to process a trade when the market is open.

Another benefit with Robinhood is their referral program. If your refer someone to Robinhood and they fund an account and make a purchase then you will receive a free stock and the friend whom you referred will also receive a free stock. These stocks are selected randomly and there is nothing spectacular about the stock that you will receive. I have yet to hear of anyone receiving a free share of Apple or Google, but a free stock is a free stock – especially if it’s one that pays a dividend.

Check out Robinhood and see what you think. With free trading, you can open an account, buy some stocks, sell some stocks, and close your account with out having to pay any fees. With any investment, you can lose money if the stock decreases in value. You can also make a profit with the stock increasing in value, but you will not be charged a fee to do any of those activities. Try if for yourself.

Join Robinhood with my link and we’ll both get a free stock 🤝

I am not an employee of Robinhood and I only shared my opinion of the service that I receive from Robinhood. I am not a financial advisor and do not make any recommendation on the purchase of any stock or investment product. Please consult a licensed financial advisor for any financial advice regarding the purchase of any financial products. Please leave comments and if you have any questions then you can contact me, Anthony Ray at Check out my other blog posts and subscribe to receive new blog posts first.

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