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How to Trade a Job For a Career

By Anthony Ray 6/23/2021

There is a shift in the job market and it is time for workers to choose their next path. Retail workers, restaurant workers, and other industry workers who are paid low wages have been neglected and overworked for too long. These were the workers who were hit the hardest by the pandemic. From facing the uncertainty of being able to work during the shutdown, being a front-line worker who came into more contact with the public during a pandemic with little or no hazard pay, and not receiving essential benefits that would have allowed access to healthcare or receive paid time off when sick because of low industry standards toward its workers are just a few factors that are inspiring this shift.

Growing up in Tennessee, I remember when trades were being taught in high school. This was phased out in the city where I grew up and I believe that this trend has continued throughout the US. This has resulted in the students not being able to learn trade jobs and has left many with fewer options if going to college was not in your future. Retail, restaurant, and other industries found their pipeline for applicants since the educational requirements were often low or nonexistent. How do we stop ending up in these low paying jobs? I have found a solution in Arizona and I believe that these same type of programs are available in many other states.

I am pleased to share with those of you who live in Arizona some information on apprenticeship programs. These are paid apprenticeship programs that will provide the training that will provide the entrance into a real career. That is correct, a career instead of a job, where you can gain skills that you can actually use and have a real profession. The apprenticeship programs will require for you to apply, submit a resume, and interview like any other job. The length of these programs vary by trade and can last from one year up to several years. This does require real commitment. Trades like electrician, carpenter, and several others will allow for you to make the transition into a well paid profession. These are the skills that will allow for you to open your own business as well as be able to take those skills to other areas of the world. You will never have to worry about your store closing, having limited job options, or work for low wages again.

The information is provided below. I suggest you do your due diligence to pick a trade that you will enjoy or have a desire to learn. This will require time, commitment, and effort on your part. These apprenticeship programs can and will present real life changing opportunities, so please share with anyone and everyone who can benefit.




Find training and apprenticeships | ARIZONA@WORK (

Arizona Apprenticeship Office Arizona Department of Economic Security P.O Box 6123 Phoenix, AZ 85005


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